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I never thought I would use a military model to make a point about parenting, but here goes.

As I understand military lingo, tactical operations are smaller, close to base, and of less long-term significance while strategic warfare is directed at the enemy’s basic supports — economy, productivity, access to essential supplies.

Strategic means essential in relation to a plan of action. A strategy uses all forces to execute approved plans as effectively as possible.

Too many parents today think tactically. They act in response to a problem. They don’t have a goal. They don’t have a parenting plan.

Why? Too often parents are told and believe the old saw that parenting is instinctive. “When you take the baby home, you’ll know what to do.” Wrong! Parenting is NOT instinctive. I guess if you gave birth in the jungle, your instincts would tell you to put the baby to the breast. But the parenting required when your toddler has a tantrum in the cookie aisle at the market or your teenager is busted for smoking pot is not instinctive. It requires KNOWLEDGE and THOUGHT.

You can get knowledge from books and parenting classes but you still have to think about what YOUR approach to should be.

I suggest parents stop reacting and become proactive STRATEGIC PARENTS.

Obviously no parent can foresee what every kid is going to do tomorrow. But it is possible to have a PARENTING GOAL. Each set of parents has to work this out for themselves but an example might be, “We will be in-charge parents who allow our child as much autonomy as safely possible.” In order to reach this goal you have to start early, preferably before conception, discussing how each of you was parented and disciplined, how you want to parent your own children, and what type of behaviors you can expect of your children at each stage of their development,

Next you need a PARENTING PLAN. How will you reach your goal, who will do what in your parenting, how will you discipline your child, how will you prepare for contingencies.

Finally you need to think LONG TERM. What kind of person do you want your child to become, how do you want your child to look back on his or her childhood, how do you want your children to treat your grandchildren.