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Got Any Parenting Questions?


I decided when I founded in the summer of 2000 that I would never charge anyone for any of the services my website offers. Subscription to the monthly Newsletter is free. I answer all of the parenting questions I get from readers for free. This means my readers get a professional, personal, private answer at no charge. Because of the nature of the world wide web, I get questions from many countries all over the globe.

I wondered about cultural and social differences in parents. Are parents in India, or Singapore, or South Africa or China different from those in the United States? Over the years I found that, while the language may differ (“nappy” instead of diaper, Weebix instead of Cheerios) there is an amazing universality to parenting. ALL parents worry about whether their toddler is eating enough, and what to do when their child won’t behave or listen.

In addition to not charging for PKR services I don’t sell lists of subscribers, I don’t allow pop-up ads or any other kinds of advertisements. ParentKidsRight is about as “pure” as one can get online.

Why do I do this? One of the new employees at AZDS once asked his boss, “How does Marilyn make any money?” The answer is I don’t. Running the site costs me both money and time.  Why do I do it? Because I can. Because I enjoy doing it. And because I do it well.

This site is unique because what I offer is accurate, common sense, professional advice that is helpful to parents, hundreds of whom write to tell me so. I have extensive knowledge based on my own experiences raising children, my years in pediatrics observing children and parents, and a lifetime of reading in just about all disciplines that deal with children and families. I have been blessed with many gifts including the ability to write clearly and concisely so I am able to “translate” technical and scientific information into language that parents can easily understand…and think about…and remember…and incorporate in their everyday parenting.

No money changes hands but I am enriched by the many parents and readers who thank me for my answers to the questions they sent or for a particular ParenTip that helped them in their quest to parent kids right.

To ask me a question, please click here.