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Like pornography everybody recognizes junk food when they see it. The challenge is to keep it out of our carts at the market so it never gets into our cupboards at home.

Young children need snacks. Their little tummies are too small to hold all the food they need before the next meal. They will get hungry between meals and should be offered healthy snacks between meals.

Wise parents simply do not buy soda pop or sugary juices. They give their children water or real juice. Wise parents don’t fill their carts with sugared cereals, cookies, chips, or candy. They buy fruit, veggies, cheese, and crackers.

But my child won’t touch a vegetable! you protest. Be creative. I haven’t found a preschooler yet who wouldn’t eat carrot and celery sticks they could dip into ranch dressing (or my own recipe of cottage cheese mixed with ketchup).

What on earth does Dr. Heins mean by MINDLESS EATING? She means eating while doing something else like reading or watching TV. Even when the food is healthy like veggies or crackers and cheese or unbuttered popcorn, mindless eating means you are not paying attention to whether you are full or not and, therefore, you mindlessly eat more than you need or even want.

Before I go into this subject any further, in the interest of Truth in Parenting, I must tell my readers that there is nothing I would rather do when I am tired than put my feet up to read and eat at the same time. Yes, readers, I confess to mindless eating. I avoid both junk food and junk fiction but mindless eating, especially at night, is a sure way to add both unwanted calories and pounds.

But never mind about me, concentrate on your children. Don’t provide a huge bowl of popcorn or a whole box of crackers for them when they are playing or watching their allowed half-hour of TV on school nights. Put their food in a small bowl instead.

Keep your house free of junk food and do all you can to prevent mindless eating so your children will grow up with two healthy eating habits:

1) We eat HEALTHY food because we owe it to our bodies.

2) We eat MINDFULLY so we can both enjoy every bite and pay attention to when we are full.