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I find myself reminding parents over and over again that it takes skills to parent. Duh!

And these skills have to be learned as the skills for any job have to be learned. We don’t give birth and automatically know how to be a parent.

When I had my first baby the hospital nurses smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll know what to do!” And they said this to every new mother not just the one that happened to be a pediatrician. And they believed it because we all bought into the romantic notion that parenting is instinctive. Not so!

Parenting is a complex process. Parenting requires KNOWLEDGE. Parents need to:

o KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT CHILDREN–how they develop and what they need at all stages of their development.

o KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THEMSELVES–what pushes their buttons, what their values are, how they will cope with disobedience, discord, and disorder.

o KNOW SPECIFIC SKILLS AND STRATEGIES to deal with their children’s needs and behaviors during the entire parenting process.

o KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE with children, spouse, teachers.

o KNOW HOW TO TEACH. Don’t panic, you don’t have to teach trigonometry to your kids. But you are the first and most important teacher of behaviors, values, and the meaning of love.

o KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LIVING AND RUN A HOUSE. Your job is to provide a stable home and resources for 20 years of nurturing.

o KNOW HOW TO FIND HELP if and when you need it.

How do parents get this knowledge? There’s lots out there in books and on the internet. Parenting classes are available in most communities. Your biggest challenge is to sift through all the stuff and decide what is valid, what makes sense, and what applies to and will be helpful to you.

Look at the above list and cross off what you already know. Then you can concentrate on filling in the gaps. Have fun learning about parenting and children. And remember we all learn as we go along–a good parent is a work in progress.