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September 2010, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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What do pelicans have to do with parenting? Nothing except when your child cries at the sight of an oil-soaked pelican on the news. Parents must monitor TV news which is ubiquitous on all of our many screens. The key is to watch TV with your children, know what they are seeing on the news, and find out what is bothering them. Learn more by clicking on my ParenTip entitled TV News posted last month.

News from Dr. Heins

Should food be labeled to indicate it is a choking hazard for young children? The American Academy of Pediatrics thinks so, and so do I.

Do you have a child under four? Do you know the Top Ten choking hazards for young children?

  • hot dogs
  • peanuts
  • raw carrots
  • boned chicken
  • candy
  • meat
  • popcorn
  • fish with bones
  • sunflower seeds
  • apples

Children under four are the ones at the highest risk for two reasons: 1) their airways are small and 2) they have not yet fully developed good chewing and eating skills. Their incisor teeth come in first so they can bite a piece of food in the first year of life. But the first molars will not erupt for almost a year so they cannot grind the food.

Labeling is only one form of protection. Listen to your pediatrician and read all the child development and safety handouts. Cut foods like meat and chicken into very small pieces, make sure they are fully separated, and only put a few pieces down as babies can pick them up and put them in the mouth all at once. Cut a hot dog in half lengthwise before you cut it in small pieces. Watch your child when you offer a new food.

To be on the safe side, don’t give the following foods to kids under 4: raw carrots, marshmallows, peanuts, popcorn, hard candy, and gumballs. Be sure your sitters know this rule.

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