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November 2010, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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Do you know what is lacking in many homes to day? CLARITY. Children need clarity from their parents. Kids need to know what you expect. They need clear rules. Clarity gets blurred when parents don’t exactly know what they want to get across, so think before you speak. And remember to use the fewest words possible. Kids tune out long speeches.

News from Dr. Heins

Creativity is declining in the USA. Measures of the CQ (Creativity Quotient) began to decline in the 1990s. Why? The hours spent in front of screens may be at least one of the problems. Whether the screen displays a TV program, a video game, or a computer menu the child is looking at or playing with what somebody else created.

In the old days BT (before television) kids created their own amusements. Some took apart old clocks to see what made them tick. Some redesigned toys or made new ones.

Our schools have become overly involved in improving test results rather than teaching critical thinking and fostering creativity.

Parents: I challenge you to find ways you can encourage your children to think outside the box. One is to value questions, not just answers. Start early answering all the “whys” young children ask. Ask your own questions as the children grow older. Perfect the art of asking questions that don’t have a single answer. Tolerate ambiguity and multiple answers all of which can be right.

E. Paul Torrance, the man who created the CQ, used questions like, “How could you make this toy better and more fun to play with?” Good opening to thinking creatively. Also expand family discussions of current events by asking what your child can think of to solve the big problems…global warming, war, hunger. Praise creative thinking.

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