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March 2011, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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CIVILITY BEGINS AT HOME. Do not permit your children to speak uncivilly to you or to their siblings or peers. No name-calling, no mean references to appearance or abilities, no swearing, no humor at the other person’s expense. Parents need a new mantra to say as often as needed to their children: “Talk nice or zip it!” This is a modern version of what I was told, “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.”

News from Dr. Heins

Guess what? Kids today have more technical skills than life skills.

A survey of over 2000 online mothers of 2 to 5 year olds in 10 countries from the US to New Zealand showed some interesting results. Preschoolers are pretty good technically: 58 % know how to play a basic computer game, 69% can use a mouse, and 63% can turn a computer on and off. Can you believe 25 % can use a browser, 16 % can navigate between websites, and 15% know at least one web address!

The Digital Diaries study done by AVG also looked at “life skills” like making breakfast or riding a bike. Technology pulls ahead. 27% can make their own breakfast (Dr. Heins hopes no 4 year old is using a stove without supervision ), 39% know their home address, and 37 % can write their first and last name. Paltry compared to the 69% who can use a mouse!

Yay, girls! The survey found “…there is no tech gender divide between young boys and girls.” 58% of boys and 59% of girls can play a computer game, 28% of boys and 29% of girls can make a cell phone call.

AVG is an internet security company so obviously they will conclude that, “…as parents there is a digital responsibility to be had.” But their spokesman goes on to say parents must balance things by giving children “a mix of both life skills and technical skills.” Amen!

And people skills. As young children develop they need people in their lives to connect with. They need to make eye contact with people not just screen contact with a cartoon robot. These people connections help your child’s brains create those millions of nerve connections that make us human and smart.

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Dr. Heins

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