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July 2010, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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Do you remember what made you feel good about yourself when you were a kid? I do. It was when I did well at school or when my parents praised me for doing a good job on a difficult chore at home. Be sure your children know that you value good grades. And assign them a chore that is a tiny bit more than you think they can handle. It’s good to stretch both the brain and the responsibility “muscle.”

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Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to do both my job at the hospital and my parenting when the children were little. I think maybe I was the one who invented multi-tasking. After supper I stuffed both kids in the stroller and we walked and sang and shopped at the market that gave free cookies to children. This gave me time to decompress from a hard day’s work, pick up what we needed at the store, and teach new nursery songs to the children all at one time.

When the children were old enough to walk the distance we went to the park to play on the swings. Then we walked to the store where we bought no more than three things, one for each of us to carry. We had fun and did an errand at the same time, plus the kids knew they were needed to help Mommy carry stuff home.

No computers or iPhones in those days to distract me from the children. But there are always distractions. I always tried hard to BE there with the children not half there with an unsolved work problem in my head. Alas this is never easy but I found the exercise and singing helped clear my head.

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