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December 2010, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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December is the best month to teach your children the value of GIVING. And that giving CAN be better than receiving. Model your giving behavior: Bringing food to the Food Bank. Sharing cookies with a shut-in neighbor. Buying a toy for the local Toy Drive. Inviting those without family to a holiday dinner. Involve your children in all such activities this by enlisting their help in planning what to give and what people to invite. Praise your children’s endeavors. Explain why you are exchanging fewer GIFTS but doing more GIVING in this year of hard times for so many people

News from Dr. Heins

A recent column by Jane Brody in the New York Times listed the Three Rs of centenarians. These are RESOLUTION (resolve), RESILIENCE, and RESOURCEFULNESS. People who live to be 100 are apt to have these qualities.

Why would a pediatrician write this in a newsletter for parents? Because such traits do not appear in the mail with your Medicare card. We have to start developing these three R’s early.

RESOLUTION starts with finishing each task, being determined to do the best you can on each task, accepting responsibility for your actions.

RESILIENCE is the old picking yourself up after a fall and going forward. Some falls are actual, others metaphorical but the principle is the same: get up and try again.

RESOURCEFULNESS is finding new ways, better ways, different ways of doing things. It is making do with what you have instead of longing for what you lack.

Parents can encourage such traits in their children. Always expect the best. Don’t say , “Good job!” if it isn’t. Let your children solve their own problems whenever possible. Don’t hover. Don’t ever do anything that a child can do by him or herself. Not sure? Let the kid try if it’s not dangerous.

These are good traits for all of us to have long before the tenth decade of life.

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Happy Parenting!
Dr. Heins

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