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August 2010, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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Parent Kids Right welcomes the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health as a Non-Profit Sponsor!

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Congratulations to Mark Rubin (from Facebook) and Melissa Meehan (newsletter subscriber) who each won an autographed copy of Dr. Heins' book Two Arizona Blackbirds!


School starts this month or next depending on where you live. Drum up lots of EXCITEMENT about school around your house. Do more than shop for new shoes and school supplies. Child going into fifth grade? Talk about YOUR fifth grade experiences, how computers have changed things, what you remember about your teacher and friends. (Feel free to embellish and exaggerate a bit!) Get in your Parent Propaganda: you expect GOOD grades. Explain that school is the “job” of children. If we all do our jobs well the world will be better for it.

News from Dr. Heins

Sorry this newsletter is a week late. We at PKR have been compulsively on time…until now. The explanation? My computer died. Fortunately we saved the nearly 3 million words I have written on parenting. Bravely, but with some trepidation, I decided to switch to a Mac after 25 years on a PC.

Getting used to anything new is always a challenge. And I worried that I might be too old a dog to learn new tricks. But I love my new iMac! The only problem is that I am a slow user. It’s like moving from a town you have lived in for a long time where you are very efficient. You know how to get around, where to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables, and the best place to get sushi. But when you move to the new town you suddenly find yourself at your lowest level of efficiency. You don’t know where anything is.

Actually I was so intrigued with mastering my new computer I totally forgot it was time to send webmaster Adam the PKR Newsletter and new ParentTips.

So it’s my fault and I apologize.

But the experience made me think about challenges. We can’t all climb Everest but we can stretch ourselves to do a bit more than what we have been doing, get out of any comfortable ruts we are in, learn new things. (I just took two poetry courses at the University. Why? Simply because it was summer with less going on and I hadn’t read much poetry recently. Loved both courses!)

We can challenge ourselves to do new things and take on new tasks. And we can encourage our children to take on age-appropriate new challenges.

Check this out!

Is your house chaotic? Noisy? Lots of stuff out of place? People are noisy and messy. But there are ways you can strive for a peaceful home. Look at my ParenTip “A Peaceful Home” for some ideas. Come up with your own post them to our Facebook or Twitter Pages. You can always e-mail us too.

Thank you loyal subscribers! If you have any suggestions for me or for please respond to this e-mail.

Happy Parenting!
Dr. Heins

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