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April 2011, Parent Kids Right Newsletter

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A small, healthy, bedtime snack is OK although not essential especially if the child does not seem hungry or ask for it. But for the sake of your child's teeth be sure the child ALWAYS brushes and flosses BEFORE bedtime and AFTER the snack. Don’t be fooled into thinking snacks like juice and milk don't require the brush-and-floss routine because they do. The sugar in either of these drinks can eat away tooth enamel.

News from Dr. Heins

Do you know that 42 % of American children live in low-income households and more than a fifth live in poverty. Charles M. Blow, a New York Times columnist, writes, "This is a national disgrace."

And it is getting worse. The number of children living in poverty rose 33 % since 2000, while the total number of children rose by only 3 %.

The US is ranked last among 24 wealthy nations in a Unicef report on child poverty.

One country, the United Kingdom, managed to decrease child poverty between 1994 when 30 % of the nation's children were below the poverty level and 2009 when the rate dropped to 12 %.

Was this Harry Potter wizardry? No, it was a three pronged plan to reduce child poverty.

  1. The British started a welfare to work program for poor parents, a minimum wage (the equivalent of $9), and tax benefits for low-income workers.
  2. They raised child welfare benefits whether the parent worked or not.
  3. They invested in children by doubling paid maternity leave, providing universal preschool, and allowing parents to opt for flexible work schedules.
We are still
  1. arguing about whether helping poor parents creates more dependency
  2. ignoring children, our future, while The UK is solving the problem of child poverty.
I know all parents are very busy, I am sure not all of you share my political thinking but everyone I know wants the best for their children. It is not healthy for your children or mine to grow up in a nation that ignores the plight of poor children. Poor children who are ignored by society are likely to become poor adults requiring services your kids and grandkids will have to pay for. Better the poor kids get our of poverty, get educated, and become tax payers.

Think about this when you are exercising the privilege of your vote. Vote for those candidates who care about children, families, and education.

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Dr. Heins

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