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About PKR & Dr. Heins

WHAT IS is a website designed for today’s busy parents…and grandparents and teachers as well as all those who work with children and parents. Since 1999 the popular site has been visited by thousands seeking information about parenting in today’s world. has two major features. First, INFORMATION. There are over 350 ParenTips on the site and more are added every month. What is a ParenTip? A ParenTip contains strategies for best dealing with issues parents worry or wonder about. A parent seeking an answer to all the questions of “How should I handle this?” will be helped by the common sense information on this website. In addition to the ParenTips there is a free monthly newsletter, usually topical, sent to subscribers and archived. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

All of the content on is written by Dr. Heins.

Second, offers a feature to its readers that is unique to this site: ANSWERS TO INDIVIDUAL PARENTING QUESTIONS. Dr. Heins welcomes and answers your individual parenting questions. Go to for a PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL, PRIVATE, AND FREE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONS.

All of the questions submitted will be personally answered by Dr. Heins within 48 hours.  


Dr. Marilyn HeinsDr. Heins is a pediatrician, parent, stepparent, grandparent, and the founder and CEO of She has written two parenting books (click here to order a copy of ParenTips) and writes all of the content for as well as a parenting column for the Arizona Daily Star. Although much parenting advice is available on the health and care of children, Dr. Heins is one of the few experts to focus on both the challenges and the rewards of being a parent. She stresses that parenting is NOT instinctive—the skills and strategies needed to do a good parenting job must be taught. Dr. Heins’ advice balances the needs of the parent with the needs of the child. She understands parents and helps them deal with their concerns in a warm, sincere manner. She provides astute professional observations and suggestions peppered with anecdotes from her own parenting experiences. She has received hundreds of fan letters about her work from a diverse range of readers, including not only parents but also doctors, writers, university professors, and from children themselves. Dr. Heins is in demand as a speaker and workshop leader. She appears regularly before groups of parents including single parents and step-parents. She also speaks to grandparents, teachers, child care providers, medical professionals, students, and women’s groups ( for queries about her presentations.

Buy an autographed copy today

Buy an autographed copy today

Her special interests in pediatrics include helping parents to parent and teaching health professionals how to help parents parent. She has published 58 scientific papers and is the senior author of Child Care/Parent Care, Doubleday, 1987, a comprehensive book on childcare focusing on the needs of the parents as well as those of the child. Her latest book ParenTips was published in 1999, she is the founder and CEO of, a popular resource for parents, and also writes a weekly parenting column for the Arizona Daily Star. Dr. Heins was the producer and host of a weekly call-in radio program called The Parenting Show which aired on KNST, Tucson’s leading talk radio station. She lectures and conducts workshops for parents and those who work with children.

Dr. Heins’ daughter, who completed residencies in both internal medicine and psychiatry, is   Clinical Professor and Associate Chair for Clinical Affairs in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Heins’ son is a musician, audio engineer, and producer. She has two stepsons and six grandchildren.

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